Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization in Wheaton

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IASTM utilizes an instrument to identify and treat localized scar tissue formation that has occurred after traumatic or cumulative injury to an area.  Once identified, the instrument is moved across the area with controlled force to create friction and the scar tissue is broken up.  A specialized lubricant is used to help facilitate treatment.  This process initiates reabsorption of excess scar tissue resulting in remodeling of affected soft tissue structures.  This ultimately reduces pain and improves mobility in the areas treated.  Many common sports injuries, sprains, strains, and soft tissue injuries can be treated effectively using this method.

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“Dr. Hallums is very professional and knowledgeable but more importantly, he listens to my thoughts and concerns. The best part: I felt relief from pain after my very first visit.”

- Andrea K.

“Scott was always willing to spend additional time manipulating my spine and used a variety of techniques depending on my current physical condition. In addition, he was always very personal.”

- Dan S.

“Started going to Wheaton Chiropractic Spine and Joint Center a month ago and although I am not yet 100%, Dr. Hallums and Dainius (Massage Therapist) have helped me immensely.”

- Jolene B.

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316 West Roosevelt Road #100

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