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Wheaton Chiropractic Spine & Joint Center is dedicated to Relief. Recovery. Results. Our number one goal is to get you out of pain and back doing the activities that you enjoy.

  • Relief: An in-depth and thorough consultation and examination will allow us to determine an accurate diagnosis for your specific case. Specific chiropractic adjustments along with modalities and soft tissue manipulation with allow us to get you out of pain and feeling better .
  • Recovery: During the recovery phase, patients are taught and given specific rehabilitative exercises and stretches to train proper movement patterns that will help relieve their pain and stabilize the muscles and joints of the body.
  • Results: Dr. Hallums will help guide each individual along their specific treatment plan in order for them to achieve their best results and continue leading an active lifestyle. He will not only strive to relieve your pain as quick as possible, but work with you to restore function, maintain proper joint mechanics, and educate you on how to take charge of your health to avoid pain in the future.

Chiropractor Wheaton IL Scott Hallums

Chiropractor Scott Hallums D.C.

Dr. Hallums graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic, in Chesterfield, Missouri in 2006. Prior to opening Wheaton Chiropractic Spine & Joint Center, Dr. Hallums began his career at Green Hills Chiropractic in Nashville, TN. In 2008, Dr. Hallums moved to Chicago, IL and began working at East Bank Chiropractic, a busy practice in downtown Chicago.

Throughout his 4+ years at East Bank he excelled in patient management, treatment, and communication. “Being able to examine, diagnose, and treat, many difficult cases, has helped develop me into the chiropractor that I am today.”

Originally from Lebanon, TN, Dr. Hallums earned a scholarship to play collegiate basketball at Cumberland University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. While playing basketball, Dr. Hallums sustained several injuries, spraines/straines, falls, etc. One of the intricate parts to his recovery and treatment was regular visits to the chiropractor. Along with treatment in the sports medicine department, regular adjustments helped his body recover at a faster rate which helped him get back on the court and play.

When Dr. Hallums is not treating patients, he is actively involved with the Wheaton Lions Club. In his  spare time, Dr. Hallums enjoys spending time with his wife, Vanessa, children Isabella, Everett and twin girls Olivia and Emma. He likes to remain active and enjoys weight training, improving overall fitness, and anything that involves breaking a sweat. Dr. Hallums also enjoys outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, cooking, and watching and rooting for his beloved Tennessee Volunteers.


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